Ursulas   tactile images

My offers I want to finish a traveling exhibition. This means that I will exhibit my own tactile images in several places for free. I would also like to exhibit 5-6 tactile images at your place for a week. I would also present an introduction text about myself. I would like the exhibition with my name on yours Website appears.I want to spread the thesis that I've always believed in, namely that art belongs to all of us and that an exhibition can also be gropingly amusing.I bring about these exhibitions for the visually impaired people and their families as a thank you, because you have given me mental strength for years. Ursula's tea evenings I expect you every Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for a chat about a tactile image over tea and savory biscuits. Plan: scan a tactile image, discuss experiences, then we will play UNO or something else while drinking tea and eating savory biscuits. It is necessary to be tested or vaccinated. Please sign up my email address is: balvinszkyorsolya@gmail.com If there is interest, I would like to organize similar cultural tea evenings every Saturday.